TaraEllaCS FAQ

Is TaraEllaCS suitable for everyday use?
It is based on OpenSuSE, which is suitable for everyday use. Therefore, it should be okay for everyday use. I cannot guarantee that it will work well though.

How can I use TaraEllaCS?
You can either download it for use on VMWare within Windows or Mac (which is what most people will probably do), or if you know what you are doing, there are other ways of using it. Visit the download page for more info.
The interface of TaraEllaCS is based on KDE4, which is very similar to Windows. It is designed for ease of use. You can drag and drop files from Windows into TaraEllaCS in VMWare. When you have finished working with them, you can upload the files directly in TaraEllaCS using Firefox.
If you would like to have the look and feel of TaraEllaCS on your Windows desktop (so you can work in that environment all the time), there is a tutorial on a sticky note on one of the desktops/spaces in TaraEllaCS that will tell you how to do it.

Why does TaraEllaCS 2013 (version 16) look so simplistic?
Whilst developmentally it is my 16th design since 2005, it is the first version to be implemented on a Linux platform. We are testing out something new here, and this is like a limited preview of what's to come. Therefore a lot of features haven't made it into this version. I promise the next version will impress.

When will the next version be available?
Late 2013 or early 2014.

What features are coming to the next version?
Here are several under consideration: more rooms, a video maker, a 'world explorer', task panels (for example, a 'publish a book' panel).

Why is TaraEllaCS sometimes so pink?
Well, I AM a girl! If you don't like pink, you can change it.