Friday, August 9, 2013

The Philosophy Behind TaraEllaCS

Many people think of the computer as an appliance they can use, or have to use. But I see the computer as an opportunity extender. I'll explain.

Not many people get to live on a waterside property with beautiful furniture and spacious surrounds. But in the computer, you can configure your space however you like it. Software providing virtual desktops are my favourite, as they can turn my virtual space into the equivalent of a grand mansion with many rooms with different views. You may say that it's only on your screen which is about 15 inches of space - but one day it will become cheap enough for everyone to own a projector system providing semi-immersive computer experiences. It's bound to happen. In the meanwhile, a window of 15 inches into an alternative world ain't too bad.

Not many people can travel the world. But with things like Google Streetview you sort of can. It's not perfect, but already there are attempts to make it more realistic, like making it respond to body movements. And what if you are interested in the cuisine or the language of a foreign country? It's an easy search to find out more. You can even cook and experience meals from faraway places like Central Asia or Africa, if that is your thing.

Not everyone can afford expensive equipment even if they want to make some music. With your computer and some free software like Audacity you can really make some noise without paying too much.

And the examples go on.